Many surrounding communities operate buses to and from Bishop Eustace Prep in accordance with the New Jersey State Transportation laws for non-public school students. Parents should contact their local Board of Education to receive information about transportation from the various school districts.

The district or township you live in has 3 options:
  • Option 1: Provide a bus with a pick-up point within 2.5 miles of your residence.  Students eligible for busing will receive a bus pass from this individual district in August. (2.5 miles is the maximum distance a student in New Jersey can walk to a stop, but it is usually 1 mile or less.)
  • Option 2: Provide monetary aid-in-lieu of transportation. Students who are not eligible for busing, but eligible for aid-in-lieu, will be paid in two installments.  These payments are generated and distributed by the district or township.
  • Option 3: No bus, no aid-in-lieu of transportation. The school districts that are "walking" districts may not provide a bus or aid-in-lieu. In this case, families must make their own transportation arrangements or may reside in an area that is covered by a Bishop Eustace private route.  In turn, many parents arrange carpools to transport their children to and from Bishop Eustace Prep. Limited public transportation is also available.
Important Note Regarding Weather: In case of inclement weather, students are to follow their sending district's schedule.  For example, if Bishop Eustace has a delayed opening but a student's sending school district does not, that student is to report to their bus stop at the regular time during a delay.


List of 7 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Who receives transportation to Bishop Eustace Prep?

    Transportation to Bishop Eustace is usually coordinated by your local School District through your township’s Board of Education. Bishop Eustace currently has busing provided for most of Burlington County and Camden County.
  • Q: If I am eligible for transportation, when can I expect to be notified about my child’s route?

    Most Districts notify families no later than the middle of August. This notification usually includes bus stop location and route number.
  • Q: What if my child does not receive transportation from my School District?

    Since transportation of non-public school students is the responsibility of the district or township where the student resides, busing cannot be guaranteed by Bishop Eustace Prep School  

    In some cases, your child may be able to be placed on a bus route coordinated by Bishop Eustace Prep that serves some areas which do not receive busing from their district. An area currently served is Gloucester County (Williamstown, Glassboro, Mullica Hill, Woolwich Township, Mantua, Wenonah, Woodbury, Deptford and West Deptford).  It has been our experience that the cost of these private routes per student is slightly higher than the amount received as aid in lieu of transportation. This year’s aid in lieu of transportation is approximately $1,000. 

    In areas where a private bus route is not economically feasible and we are unable to place your child on an existing route, the Transportation Office will be able to provide you with names and e-mail addresses of other families in your area who would be interested in carpooling. 
  • Q: If I am not eligible for busing, will I receive any financial aid in lieu of transportation?

    Students who are not eligible for transportation will receive aid in lieu of transportation as long as they live in a district that is no greater than twenty miles from Bishop Eustace Prep, and the district provides busing for students. In districts where no transportation is provided, no aid in lieu of transportation is given. Again, this year’s aid in lieu of transportation is approximately $1,000.
  • Q: Does Bishop Eustace Prep offer late buses for students involved in athletics or other after-school activities?

    Bishop Eustace Prep does not offer any late buses for students involved in after-school activities. However, students in the Lenape School District have received late busing three days per week (Tuesdays through Thursdays) last year. Our expectation is that this will continue next year.
  • Q: If I live in Gloucester County what should I do?

    Please e-mail the Transportation Office as soon as you commit to Bishop Eustace so you can be included on a mailing list for the bus route run by Bishop Eustace that serve these areas. You are not required to commit to the route until August 1, but since the individual cost of each route depends on the number of Eustace students riding the route, it is extremely important that we have an accurate headcount as soon as possible.
  • Q: I still have additional questions/concerns, whom do I contact?

    All prospective parents are encouraged to e-mail the Transportation Office at This the best way to communicate with busing questions or concerns.

    For additional Transportation Information, please contact:

    Burlington County Special Services ….... (Sean Daly)
    Camden County Special Services ……...(856) 784-2100, Option 4 
    Gloucester County Special Services …...(856) 464-2383
    Haddon Heights ……………………….....(856) 547-1412 x1205
    Haddon Township …………………….....(856) 869-7703
    Washington Township Transportation...(856) 589-9190

    For any questions we may be able to help you with at Bishop Eustace Prep, please contact:

    Main Office 
    (856) 662-2160, x210

    Please note: We will not have any information regarding specific routes (stops, times, etc) until just prior to the start of the school year. In many cases, parents receive this information before Bishop Eustace receives it.  For the safety of our current students, Bishop Eustace Prep cannot provide specific information about current bus routes to anyone not on that route.


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