The Bishop Eustace Prep Hall of Fame recognizes graduates, teams, and coaches who have given the Eustace athletics program the tagline of "The Tradition is That of a Winner".

The Tradition is That of a Winner

Don Casey
Jeanne Kline
Robert Kiessling
Paul Schillig
William Billings
Joseph O'Connor

1961 Boys Basketball Team
1962 Boys Basketball Team
1968-69 Boys Basketball Team 
1972-73 Boys Basketball Team
1987-88 Girls Basketball Team
1994 Girls Cross Country Team
1997 Baseball Team

James Hughes, '58
Gerald 'Zeke' Taylor, '58
Richard Dorsey, '59
John Barr, '59
James Flynn, '59
John Clifford, '60
Chuck Hearey, '61
Donald Kalinowski, '62
Joseph Lacusch, '62
Roger McGrath, '62
William Melchionni, '62
John “Tex” Thomson, '62
Peter Johnston, '63
Daniel Lipinski, '65
Edward Myers, '65
Robert Smith, '65
James Oxley, '66
Gregory McGuckin, '67
Jack Neylan, '68
James Crawford, '69
Gary Melchionni, '69
Robert Rosenfeld '69
Peter DiScienzo, '70
Thomas Melchionni, '71
Dennis Gardner, '72
Martin Bricketto, '73
Mark Lonetto, '73
Rick Novak, '73
John Olive, '73
Keith Wert, '74
Mark Mancini, '75
Anthony Plakis, '75
James Ryan, Jr., '75
James H. Medes, '75
Robert Falconiero, '76
Lisa Del Mastro, '76
Janice Lynch, '76
John Sparks, '76
Adrienne Walls, '76
Nancy Ward, '77
Douglas Martini, '78
Kathleen McGahey, '78 
Salvatore Moffa, '78
John Shirk, '79
Maureen Ferry, '80
Donna Rodio, '83
Susan Ruff, '83 
Paul Rabon, '84
Andrew Kavulich, '85
Thomas Heinkel, '85
Gregory Matteo, '87
Gregory Rodier, '87
Keith Williams, '87
Nicole Cusanelli, '88
Kelli James, '88
Rita Bernert, '89
John T. Fallon, '89
Aaron Tufankjian, '89
Nancy Yago, '89 
Salvatore Racobaldo, '90
Justin Bigham '91

Kristina Holak, '92
Michael Moriarty, '92
Renee Wilkinson, '92
Robert Fisicaro, '94
Kelly Foster, '94
Roxanne Hughes, '95
Ryan O'Mara, '95
Kathleen Linck, '95
Christopher Cummins, '96
Blaine Neal, '96
Ann Klocke, '97
Marc Sauer '98
Lindsey (McNamara) Allen '00

Erica Maurer, '00
Megan Foster, '03
Leighann Reilly, '03
Zachary Schiavo '07

Congratulations to the Hall of Fame Class of 2018 inductees!

1961 Boys Basketball Team
1962 Boys Basketball Team
Robert Rosenfeld '69
Justin Bigham '91
Marc Sauer '98
Lindsey (McNamara) Allen '00
Zachary Schiavo '07

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    • Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Inductees

    • Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Inductees

    • Hall of Fame Class of 2018 Inductees


Qualified student-athletes (alumni) must have:
  • Graduated from Bishop Eustace Preparatory School at least ten years ago 
  • Displayed outstanding character and sportsmanship on and off the field
  • Been recognized by the conference or state as an outstanding athlete
  • Been a dominant athlete while playing at Eustace
Qualified coaches must have:
  • Established a long winning tradition while at Eustace
  • Won multiple conference titles and a state title while at Eustace
Qualified teams will have:
  • Won a state championship
  • Been regarded as one of the best teams to have ever played for Eustace
If you wish to nominate a graduate, team or coach for Hall of Fame, please send a letter or an e-mail to Planned Giving Officer, Mr. Cy Bleistine, or Director of Institutional Advancement, Ms. Cecilia Biello.

Please provide as many reasons why you feel your nominee is deserving of this award and as many details about this person as you can provide, including awards, recognition, press releases, etc. Thank you!