About Our Vocal Program

The Vocal Program at Bishop Eustace is designed to offer students an opportunity to explore vocal performance in a variety of difficulty levels.  Throughout the course of the year, students in the Vocal Program will study various musical styles and will develop healthy vocal technique and proper breath support while learning challenging choral selections.  Vocal Music will allow the students to better understand and appreciate a variety of musical styles and will help motivate them to continue their education in music.  The Vocal Program offers the following courses:

Vocal Music
Vocal Music is a full year elective course offered to our junior and senior female students and all our male students. Proper choral technique and basic musicianship skills are presented and cultivated in this ensemble. Repertoire is taken from several musical periods throughout history as well as modern choral compositions. Students are responsible for attending all scheduled choral performances.

Choral Workshop
Choral Workshop is a full year elective course offered to all freshmen and sophomore female students. Students will experience an introductory course on choral singing which will focus on basic musicianship skills and proper singing technique, including breath support, creating a proper vocal tone and singing as part of a large ensemble.  Choral Workshop studies a wide variety of repertoire ranging from classic to contemporary choral compositions.  Students are responsible for attending all scheduled choral performances.

Select Choir
Select Choir is the premiere ensemble at Bishop Eustace.  Any student who is registered for Vocal Music or Choral Workshop is eligible to audition for Select Choir.  This ensemble consists of 12-16 vocal musicians and they rehearse on Monday evenings from 5:15-6:45 pm.  Select Choir is often asked to sing for a variety of events in the surrounding community including Masses for Camden Diocese and for the Knights of Columbus.

Independent Music Study
Independent Music Study is a full year course which offers any registered vocal student the opportunity to meet with Ms. Weir individually or in a small group for personal vocal study.  Independent Music Vocal Students will focus on improving tone, technique, sight reading, and will prepare for any performance or audition opportunities the students are participating in both in school and in their communities

Bishop Eustace is first and foremost a Catholic community.  We regularly celebrate Mass throughout the school year.  Our Vocal ensembles share the music responsibilities throughout the school year.  Each Mass requires one ensemble to lead the congregation in song and also allows several students the opportunity to sing solos for their school community.  Freshmen and Sophomores who volunteer to sing during the four Sunday Masses we hold throughout the school year will be eligible to earn two hours of service.