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As you prepare for your first day of school at Bishop Eustace, you probably have some questions. 
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General Information

List of 12 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: How is Bishop Eustace accredited?

    Bishop Eustace is accredited by The Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, which is a non-profit association serving elementary, secondary and high education institutions through programs of self-study, evaluation and accreditation.
  • Q: What time is the Eustace library open?

    The library opens at 8 AM each school day. It remains open until 6 PM most days – announcements will be made in advance for certain specific days during the school year when, due to special events or early dismissals, the library will need to close earlier.
  • Q: How do I know when activities meet?

    Each activity has a page behind the myEustace login. Activity calendars will be integrated with each club member's personal calendar on myEustace.
  • Q: How do we find out our grades?

    Grades and other important information tailored to each individual student's co-curricular involvement can be found in myEustace. Grades in all classes are entered on myEustace as soon as they are available. Parents and students can see averages at any point, not just at the end of the quarter, and are strongly encouraged to check grades frequently. Quarter, semester and final grades are also available on myEustace.  
  • Q: How do I get a copy of my transcript sent to a college?

    On the website, under Academics, visit Office of College Placement and Guidance. Go to the bottom to the link Alumni Transcript Records Release Information - click on the link Alumni Transcript Request and follow the instructions.
  • Q: What is the dress code on dress down days?

    Bishop Eustace generally has five dress down days, scheduled one day each month of October, November, December, January and February. The student dress code for the day is a relaxed dress – jeans and sneakers with an appropriate shirt. The following are NOT permitted: shorts, sandals, flip-flops, midriff tops, tank tops, revealing tops or clothing with inappropriate messages.
  • Q: Are there opportunities for parents to participate in the life of the school?

    Bishop Eustace is blessed with an active Parents Association. In addition to running fundraisers and social events throughout the school year, BEPA also coordinates volunteers to serve when needed on campus.
  • Q: How do I donate blood for the Bishop Eustace Blood Drive?

    Bishop Eustace holds two blood drives each school year, in the fall and spring. Contact the main office for more information.
  • Q: What are some fun events on campus?

    Bishop Eustace holds two week-long extravaganzas – Spirit Week (which includes Field Day) in the fall and Black and White Week (which includes the school picnic) in the spring. In addition, there are many other events held throughout the year, ranging from dances to dress down days.
  • Q: How does the Crusader Hall debit account work?

    Bishop Eustace offers students the opportunity to purchase meals in Crusader Hall (the Bishop Eustace Dining Hall) using a pre-paid meal card. Specific information can be found after the login to your myEustace account.
  • Q: What are the colored lanyards that the students wear?

    The lanyards serve two purposes: they hold the student ID card and they identify the class of the student by use of the class color. Freshmen wear green, sophomores wear yellow, juniors wear red and seniors wear blue.
  • Q: What is the winter dress code?

    The winter dress code consists of the addition of a long-sleeved black sweater to the uniform. The rest of the uniform remains the same all year.


List of 5 frequently asked questions.


List of 6 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: Is an interview required for admission?

    Interviews are not required; however, the Admissions Committee reserves the right to request an interview and the previous school may be contacted for further information regarding the teacher recommendation.
  • Q: Is financial aid available?

    The Pallottines provide a generous amount of financial aid each year. To apply, please use the financial aid form link on the Tuition Assistance section of the admission section of our website.  
    Bishop Eustace awards financial aid on the basis of proven need and the availability of funds. Financial aid decisions are made independently from any admissions decisions and in no way influence a candidate's consideration for admission.
  • Q: How long is the school day?

    The school day is from 8:10 AM to 2:30 PM. Crusader Hall is open from 7:30 AM for students arriving on campus early. Students may go to their lockers at 8:00. Homeroom begins at 8:10, and all students should be in homeroom at that time. Any student arriving on campus after 8:10 should report to the late room or to the Office of the Dean of Students. The Lulli Library remains open until 6:00 PM on most school days.
  • Q: What are the benefits of a co-ed education?

    Bishop Eustace Prep is the only independent Catholic co-ed college preparatory school in the South Jersey/Philadelphia area. Our belief is that male and female students have a lot to learn from each other in an educational setting. Learning how to interact with the opposite gender is an important part of adolescence and makes the transition to a co-ed college and workplace seamless.
  • Q: Will I fit in? Will I be comfortable?

    This is a common concern for adolescents in any situation, and Bishop Eustace is very sensitive to it. One thing to remember is that everyone else is experiencing the same concern, so you have lots of company. While there may be small groups of students who know each other, because Bishop Eustace students come from so many different grade schools and middle schools, the majority of the incoming students are new to one another.

    Bishop Eustace offers a number of opportunities to allow new students to get to know each other. During orientation, there are many opportunities to meet your classmates. There is also a Freshman Welcome Dance held two weeks into the school year, to aid in the students’ social development. In addition, Spirit Week and Field Day are held every fall, which is a perfect opportunity to cement new friendships and create life-long bonds.
  • Q: Where do I buy the school uniform?

    School uniforms can be purchased at Flynn and O’Hara Uniforms.  Visit their website at http://www.flynnohara.com or their store at:
    Garden State Pavilions (Next to ShopRite)
    2240 W. Marlton Pike
    Cherry Hill, NJ 08002
    (856) 931-8838

Academic Courses & Honors/AP Placement

List of 14 frequently asked questions.

  • Q: What courses does the math department offer?

    The Mathematics Department offers the following courses: Algebra 1 (College Prep and Honors), Algebra 2 (College Prep and Honors), Geometry (College Prep and Honors), PreCalculus (College Prep and Honors), Finite Math and Trigonometry, Introduction to Statistics, Introduction to Calculus, AP Calculus AB, AP Calculus BC, and AP Statistics.
  • Q: My student is currently taking Algebra I in 8th grade. What math course will he/she take in the freshman year?

    Students who have taken Algebra are invited to sit for an Algebra Placement exam. Students who are taking PreAlgebra and have strong standardized test scores are also invited. The results of that exam, along with standardized test scores, are used to determine placement in college prep Algebra 1, Honors Algebra 1 or Honors Algebra 2. Completion of an Algebra 1 course as shown on the middle school transcript and acceptable results on the Algebra Placement exam are the only factors considered for placement in Honors Algebra 2.
  • Q: My student has taken both Algebra I and Geometry in middle school. What math course will he/she take in the freshman year?

    The student must sit for the Algebra Placement exam and achieve acceptable results in order to exempt Algebra 1. Students who are able to exempt Algebra 1 are placed in Honors Algebra 2. Students whose middle school transcript shows completion of a Geometry course are invited to sit for a Geometry exemption exam during the spring of their freshman year.
  • Q: What are the prerequisites for courses in the math department?

    Preliminary placement is based on the first semester grade. The student must maintain the minimum first semester grade in the second semester. 

    Honors Algebra 2 
    • Minimum semester grades of 85 in Honors Algebra 1 or minimum semester grades of 93 in Algebra 1
    • If a student is scheduling Geometry and Algebra 2 concurrently, both courses must be at the same level.  In addition, the student must meet the grade requirements for acceleration.
    Honors Geometry
    • Minimum semester grades of 85 in the Honors Algebra 2 or minimum semester grades of 93 in Algebra 2
    • If Honors Geometry is taken during the summer following Algebra 1 or concurrently with Honors Algebra 2, the minimum grade requirements refer to Honors Algebra 1/ Algebra 1.  In addition, the student must meet the grade requirements for acceleration.
    • If a student is scheduling Geometry and Algebra 2 concurrently, both courses must be at the same level.  In addition, the student must meet the grade requirements for acceleration.
    Honors Pre-Calculus
    • Minimum semester grades of 85 in Honors Algebra 2 or minimum semester grades of 93 in Algebra 2 and minimum semester grades of 85 in Honors Geometry or 93 in Geometry.
    • Scheduling Honors Pre-Calculus and Honors Geometry concurrently require the following:  Minimum semester grades of 93 in Honors Algebra 2, the recommendation of the Honors Algebra 2 teacher and approval of the department chair.
    • Minimum semester grades of 77 in Honors Algebra 2 or minimum semester grades of 85 in Algebra 2 AND successful completion of Geometry.
    • Minimum semester grades of 85 in Pre-Calculus
    AP Calculus AB 
    • Minimum semester grades of 93 in Honors Pre-Calculus
    AP Calculus BC
    • Minimum semester grades of 85 in AP Calculus AB
    AP Statistics
    • Minimum semester grades of 85 in Honors Algebra 2/Algebra 2
    Finite Mathematics and Trigonometry
    • Successful completion of Honors/College Prep Algebra 2
    Introduction to Statistics
    • Successful completion of Honors/College Prep Algebra 2
  • Q: How do I get into Honors Mathematics courses?

    For incoming freshmen, honors or college prep placement is determined based on standardized test scores, scholarship exam scores (if taken), and the courses completed in middle school. Students who are taking an Algebra 1 course in middle school are invited to take the Algebra Placement exam. The placement exam score is the only factor considered in determining if a student can exempt Algebra 1. Student who are able to exempt Algebra 1 are placed in Honors Algebra 2. Otherwise, they are placed in Honors Algebra 1 or college prep Algebra 1.

    Students whose middle school transcript shows a completed Geometry course are invited to sit for a Geometry exemption exam in the spring of their freshman year.
  • Q: How do I get into Honors History courses?

    For freshmen wishing to enter Honors World History, the requirements are as follows: (1) reading score on standardized test (NJ Ask—250 and above; or Terranova and Iowa—90% and above) and (2) grades in Social Studies Courses that are 90 or above in 6th, 7th and 8th grades.
    For current students, please see your counselor for an application. 
  • Q: When is the World Language Placement Test for ninth graders?

    Students will fill out a language survey when they register and will then be notified to sit for the placement test in April. Students who are presently taking a full year of a language in grade 8 should do very well on the test and should move to Level 2 language. Two years of the same language are required to graduate Bishop Eustace.
  • Q: What are the requirements to take Level 3, Honors Level 4 and AP language courses?

    Students need an average of 85 in Level 2 to move on to Level 3, an average of 90 in Level 3 to move to Honors Level 4 and an average of 93 in Honors Level 4 to take AP.
  • Q: What science courses are available?

    The Science Department offers a variety of courses designed to prepare students for study of various college science disciplines and careers. The sequence is the following:
    i.     Freshman Courses
    1. Honors Biology
    2. Biology
    ii.     Sophomore Courses
    1. Honors Chemistry
    2. Chemistry
    iii.     Junior and Senior Courses
    1. Electives
      1. Honors Physics, Physics
      2. Anatomy and Physiology I & II
      3. Human Genetics
      4. Experimental Genetics
      5. Invertebrate Zoology
      6. Vertebrate Zoology
    2. Advanced Placement courses
      1. Biology
      2. Chemistry
      3. Environmental Science
      4. Physics C
      5. Physics 1
  • Q: What science courses do students take freshman year?

    Students are placed in either Honors Biology or Biology.
  • Q: How are students placed in Honors Biology? Is there a placement test?

    There is no placement test. Students who score above the 93rd Percentile or Advanced Proficient in both Reading and Math on Middle School Standardized tests and have final grades of A in Middle School Science courses are placed in Honors Biology.  Scores from the BE Scholarship Exam will be considered.
  • Q: If a student is not placed in Honors Biology freshman year can he/she still take Honors and/or AP courses sophomore, junior and senior years?

    Yes, students may take may take future Honors/AP Science courses regardless of their freshman year Honors Biology or Biology placement provided they meet the requirements for those courses. 
  • Q: What are the requirements for other Honors and AP Science courses?

    For Honors Chemistry, which is taken sophomore year, the requirement is that the student must also be enrolled in an Honors Math course. For junior and senior Honors and AP science electives, please refer to the course catalog or contact the instructor. 
  • Q: What science books are required for freshman year? What needs to be purchased by the student?

    Both the Honors Biology and Biology textbooks are state issued and will are provided to the student on orientation day. All freshman Biology students must purchase the BE Biology Laboratory Manual (used for both Honors Biology and Biology) which is available through the Eustace School Store. Safety goggles must be purchased on the Follett Virtual Bookstore website (link on our website).
    Students must also purchase a 3 ring binder (for the laboratory manual), a notebook, loose leaf paper, folder, pens and pencils. These may be purchased anywhere and be of the student's own choosing.