Honor Societies

Bishop Eustace Preparatory School is proud of the high academic achievement of members of their student body. To salute those who reach a level of academic excellence, Bishop Eustace has established Honor Societies in the following disciplines: Mathematics, Social Studies, Science, English, Performing Arts, and World Language. In addition, the National Honor Society recognizes students with overall high achievement, involvement in activities and athletics, and service to the community.

National Honor Society
Rev. Marco Martorelli, S.A.C. Chapter

To be invited to the Rev. Marco Martorell, S.A.C. Chapter of the National Honor Society, a student must have earned an unweighted GPA of 3.5 or higher OR weighted GPA of 4.0 or higher (up to but ending with the Class of 2018) or a weighted GPA of 4.0 or higher (Class of 2019 and beyond).  Membership is offered to juniors and seniors who demonstrate outstanding leadership, character, serive and scholarship.  Once a member, students must maintain their academic standing and activity involvement as well as the obligations of the society.

English National Honor Society

The Reverend Nicholas Rinaldi, S.A.C. Chapter

Membership for a student in the Reverend Nicholas Rinaldi, S.A.C. Chapter of the English National Honor Society is by invitation.  The following qualifications must be met and maintained:

  • A member must have and maintain a 3.0 (weighted) grade point average overall and a 3.5 (weighted) grade point average in the 3 most recent semesters of English.
  • A member must participate in two of the following areas: contribute to one of the school’s publications (literary magazine, yearbook, Tradition Magazine, Eustacian blog).
  • Attend a field trip, lecture, or play
  • Tutor underclassmen in writing in the English Resource Area

International Thespian Society

Troupe #74

The International Thespian Society (ITS), an honorary group for high school theatre students, is a division of the Educational Theatre Association (EdTA). This group is open to all students involved in our Performing Arts program who participate in the spring musical. 

Thespian Society Application
Thespian Society Troupe #74 Handbook

Science National Honor Society
Father Michael Parente, SAC Science Honor Society

Membership for a student in the Science National Honor Society (SNHS) will be conferred during the spring (juniors and seniors). The following qualifications must be met and maintained:

  • A member must have and maintain a 3.0 (weighted) grade point average overall and a 3.6 (weighted) grade point average in all science courses.
  • A member must be enrolled in at least one Honors or AP science class during or prior to junior year.
  • A member must be enrolled in at least one AP science class during senior year to maintain their membership.

Application Form

National Social Studies Honor Society
Father Ralph Firneno Chapter of the Rho Kappa National Social Studies Honor Society  

Membership in this honor society is an honor bestowed upon a student for their accomplishments in the field of social studies and overall academic achievement.  Those junior and senior students who are invited to apply should have a 3.6 GPA in their social studies classes and a 3.0 overall GPA and be currently enrolled in a social studies class.  The Bishop Eustace Social Studies Department looks forward to honoring our many deserving scholars.

Application Form

Tri-M Honor Society

The Tri-M Music Honor Society is the international music honor society for high school students. It is designed to recognize students for their academic and musical achievements, reward them for their accomplishments and service activities, and to inspire other students to excel at music and leadership. This is open to all sophomores, juniors and seniors involved in either vocal or instrumental music.

Application Form


World Language Honor Society

French:  Société Honoraire de Français, Chapitre No 1674

German:  Deutsche Ehrenverbindung, Delta Epsilon Phi, Kapitel Alpha Beta

Latin:  Associatio Ad Promovendum Studium Latinum, Charter No. MMXLVI

Spanish:  Sociedad Honoraria Hispánica, Capítulo San Vicente Pallotti 

The World Language Honor Society is comprised of the National Honor Societies of each language taught at Bishop Eustace.  Students are invited to join the World Language Honor Society at the beginning of the second semester when the following criteria is met by the student:

  • Student must be in the 4th or AP level of the language.
  • Student must have 2 As and 1 B  in the 3 most recent semesters of the language.
  • Student must have an overall grade point average of 3.0.


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