From the moment they arrive, our students experience what it takes to perform and excel in the collegiate world through rigorous course offerings, college-modeled student-faculty mentorship, and higher expectations for personal responsibility. As a result, our alumni adapt faster and more successfully to the nation’s most challenging college curricula.


As freshmen, Crusaders quickly learn that the prep period they’re afforded is not for taking a break. Successful students use this time to meet with faculty, study with classmates, and get ahead of their coursework. They cultivate time management skills that guide them through high school, college, and beyond.

Not just teachers — role models.

Faculty at Eustace Prep go beyond the expectations of high school education to develop meaningful mentorships with their students. They are role models who are committed to their calling, deeply engaged with each student and driving their ability to succeed in the classroom and beyond.
Eustace faculty make themselves available throughout the day to help Crusaders hone their skills and foster inner strength. And with more than 65% holding advanced degrees, our faculty draws on a deep knowledge base, research, and personal experience in academia to drive their students to the greatest levels of individual and communal achievement possible.

College-ready curriculum

At Eustace Prep, “college-ready” goes beyond course material. In addition to a curriculum that covers advanced STEM subject matter, social and political studies, and world language preparation, our faculty strive to ensure that every Crusader enters the collegiate world with skills that place them ahead of their peers from other secondary schools.
Most commonly cited by parents and alumni is a focus on writing structure and discipline. Eustace Prep students graduate with advanced rhetorical experience that allows them to accelerate the transition to university-level research assignments with confidence and poise.

Honors and Advanced Placement (AP)

A selection of 34 honors and AP courses challenge Eustace Prep students to learn and demonstrate skills that will set them apart from other college applicants. We’ve carefully designed a curriculum that allows students to dive deep into mathematics, language arts, and the sciences — while also giving them options to explore college-level material in areas including music theory, macroeconomics, politics, and more.
Students who demonstrate exceptional achievement may also be invited to the Father Marco Martorelli, S.A.C. Chapter of the National Honor Society, where they will exemplify the Crusader commitment to academic and social responsibility.
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See Eustace for yourself.

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